Hestia Hotel Europa

Hestia Hotel Europa

Paadi 5, 10151 Tallinn


Hotel Euroopa, Tallinn

Hotel Euroopa is situated in direct proximity of Tallinn passenger harbour, remaining only at the distance of 700 m from Tallinn old town. Hotel Euroopa has been awarded with four stars. The idea for interior decoration of Hotel Euroopa is based on Estonian origin, especially Estonian nature. Natural materials of Estonian origin have been used as interior decoration materials. The reception area floor is made of the Saaremaa dolomite; the limestone used on the foyer walls on all storeys that has been used in Estonia for building for very many years also comes from Saaremaa.

Limestone is also an Estonian national stone and it is part of our construction history both in the country and in the city.

Hotel wooden floors are made of oak. However, the tree that has been used most in the decoration of hotel is ash that was nominated as the Estonian Tree of the Year in 2007. Both Estonian and European ash has been used in the building.

Different carpets that have been used in the hotel, as well as the bedspreads on hotel beds, have motifs of national patterns.

Hotel mascot is a sheep who can be often encountered on Estonian landscapes and who has always been an important animal in Estonian farming. A small sheep greets a guest on a bed in every hotel room.

The interior decorator of the house is Külli Salum who is well known in Estonia. She has made interior decorations for several hotels in Tallinn, each one of which is original.


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